Dispelling the Myths of Motherhood

"What's behind your mask?"
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What is "Mom's without Masks?"

  • Are you secretly ashamed by how often your children are served french fries, macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets, or pizza?
  • When in public, do you find yourself wishing your family was cleaner, better dressed/matching and better behaved?
  • Does it evoke guilt that you would sometimes rather do housework then play with, read to or prepare meals for your own kids?
  • Are you fairly certain that, at times, you're just not doing this "right"?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if you're enjoying parenthood less then other mothers?
                                               Join the club; LITERALLY!

      Private self-doubt is not uncommon among mothers but, despite what some think, it is also not a requirement.  Through Moms without Masks, women join together to form a unique community of non-judgmental and compassionate support.  This venue invites us to shed the facade previously causing so much additional pressure and distress in an already intensely performance-driven society.  The Moms without Masks all-inclusive network invites a liberating shift from quieted insecurity to an increase in conscious self-acceptance for all mothers, and therefore for the community at large.

      Moms without Masks is a services based organization.  We provide supportive groups, community-building workshops, rejuvenating day retreats, social support and networking, public education, one on one coaching/counseling and resource links.

      Our mission is inviting women to acknowledge a more complete picture of parenthood; one that includes the messy, chaotic, stressful, challenging, and imperfect parts, in addition to all the sweet and beautiful ones.  When we are kinder to ourselves, we are kinder to each other; and that is where we will find the most peace and joy along this journey of motherhood.

Won't you join us?
Please visit our "Services" page to see how you can get involved.
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Meet Valerie & Heather

      Established in 2012, Moms without Masks was birthed by intuitive psychotherapist and published author Valerie R. McManus, LCSW-C <> and certified life coach and Montgomery County school counselor, Heather Sobieralski <>.                


      Based, in large part, out of their own life experience, Valerie and Heather identified several areas of unmet need among suburban mothers in their own community.  Further, they found that societal and self-imposed pressures were greatly restricting moms from accessing much needed support. 

       By combining their professional skills and personal gifts, Valerie and Heather created a forum through which mothers join together.

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Contact Information

For information or to schedule services
please call 410-465-8687
(shared line with Healing Therapies Counseling)
or email

3691 Park Avenue, Suite 3
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

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